Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The week that was Anna.

I was thinking about what we did with the girls on my vacation last week and specifically thinking about my daughter Anna. She was mostly a source of joy, but a little frustration also.

The start of the vacation week was the Falmouth Road Race - I was running to support my daughter Anna and others with Spina Bifida. Sarah, Anna, Allie, Emily, my mother, two of my sisters and one of my cousins were at mile 5. I was able to stop and say hello to my girls and Sarah was able to get a photo of me giving Anna a smooch (see August 11 post). Emotional moment.

Later in the week Anna was the recipient of a few timeouts (imposed by daddy) for throwing a plate of food and disobeying several directives to stay in her room.

The latter part of our vacation week included a trip back to the Cape for a day at the beach. All the girls had a blast, but I was especially surprised and impressed with Anna. She loved the ocean - she would get blasted by water, then laugh, cough out any water she swallowed and then want more of the ocean! I was able to hold her, swing her around, dunk her up to her waist and just have fun. A memory to last a lifetime. Sarah's mom was able to capture that moment of us:

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