Monday, August 24, 2009

The garden.

With the girls turning two this past spring, we have found that we are able to now do some things we haven't been able to do since they were born. One of those things is to start a garden.

Our garden is not a garden we boast about. The garden hasn't had the nurturing nor the time required of a garden which yields a good harvest. Our garden isn't necessarily even appealling to the eye.

Our garden is a garden which is survivng, though. It has gotten just enough attention to allow the plants to grow, but not quite enough attention for all the plants to thrive.

Our garden is the garden of a family where the parents have two-year old triplets and where both parents work full-time jobs.

We will be lucky if 40 percent of this year's seeds produce a vegetable. But, I bet next year more than 40 percent will produce. And the year after that, the soil will be richer and yield an even greater harvest. More time spent fertilizing, turning and caring for the soil will ultimately reap greater results.

In April the garden was nothing but grass and dirt. It's not much more than grass and dirt now, but it is a garden.

I can see the beauty amongst the dirt and weeds, can you?

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