Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just thinking.

Mike Barnicle, for many years, had a column in The Boston Globe. He would periodically write a column titled I Was Just Thinking....

I Was Just Thinking
  • I'm not going to do a part two of my last post The Second Sunday In August.

  • I heard the Patriots are playing tonight - news to me.

  • Is Kevin Youk's charging of the mound going to have the same end result for the Red Sox as Jason Varitek's tackling episode did in '04?

  • Sarah and I really do have our hands full.

  • I am a lucky man.

  • What is it like to be an identical triplet?

  • My new saying to Sarah is we are doing the best we can.

  • I am extremely tired.

  • Will my life ever be "normal" again?

  • We have received a ***tload of rain this year.

  • There has been an equal amount of mosquitos this year.

  • Why can't anyone tell us what the odds of having identical triplets really is?

  • I know why so many strangers tell Sarah & I that our daughters are adorable:

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Ande said...

OMG just look at that hair!!! SO ADORABLE!