Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fast Cars.

As things are, our girls spend a lot of time in one room in our house. Because of this, and the fact that we have had a mosquito issue in our back yard, Sarah suggested we purchase some age-appropriate ride-on toys for Allie, Anna and Em to play with in our driveway (away from the mosquitos).

During our staycation week, we took a trip to Toys R Us. After some discussion, we came home with three different ride-ons: a Crazy Coop, Toddler Toon Coupe (very similar to Crazy Coop), and the third is called Little Mermaid Ariel Big Wheel. I assembled the Crazy Coupe first, during one of those hot and humid days we had - so much fun. Two days later we had all three ready to roll!

I'll pass on doing a complete review of the three cars, but I will say that we got a good value on the purchases. After redeeming some TRS credit card dollars, the total purchase was about $125. The only other thing worth mentioning is that the Ariel big wheel blows bubbles and it also plays music and makes sounds which are LOUD (and there is no volume adjustment).

What ever happened to just a plain Big Wheel - are those still made? I got something called a Cheetah (check out this blog on the cheetah!) as a gift when I was a kid. It was awesome - I could blow away any kid in a Big Wheel!!

Anyway, the girls are not tall enough to pedal Ariel, but the bottom line is they like riding their new toys. On a daily basis one of them says " in dryway!" = "play in driveway"!


Kristine said...

I am glad Sarah posted the link to your blog again!! Hope I don't lose it this time.
Obviously, love the vids, but a real kudos for the garden post!!
That garden will make for some really great memories for all of you!!
Dippy sauce RULES!! Corries favorites were syrup, with EVERYTHING ~ and french vanilla yogurt. I use to steal the syrup packs from McDonalds to have extra ... lol

Rich said...

We have our share of those ketchup packets in our refridge - I think that is an age thing! LOL.