Friday, August 7, 2009


So much for normal sleep.

All was good (I think) until 3:00 this morning. Screaming. Sarah goes into the girls' room to assess and put out the fire. Doesn't happen. 45 minutes pass - they are all still awake. Sarah returns to bed. We wait it out to see if they fall asleep. No go.

Fast forward to now (6:15 am). Anna and Allie have been downstairs with me since about 5:15. I don't think either of them have closed their eyes much after 3:30 am. I know I haven't. The good news is that Em is sleeping in her crib and Sarah is locked in the bedroom "napping" before we begin our commute to work.

I have a meeting first thing this morning which I need to prepare for when I get to the office - not a Friday to look forward to. We are on vacation next week. I guess that is something to look forward to because it seems all else has been disastrous lately.

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