Thursday, August 6, 2009

Could it be?

Could tonight be the night that we return to some type of normal sleep?
It is 9:15 and ALL the girls have been asleep for at least 15 minutes.

Allie was the last to go down after about a half hour of whining/crying. Poor Allie has had a tough couple of weeks, which you probably know from Sarah's blog. Last night was better, but still difficult. Allie ended up falling asleep next to me in the rocker. That's right, she was propped up, but cuddled, next to me in the chair when she finally dozed off at about 9:30. It was then on to Anna, who had been watching "the show" ie watching me and Allie the whole time and would periodically stand up and say "wheah Allie!?". I would respond with a firm, yet quiet "she is right here SLEEPING". Anyway, I picked up Allie (dead weight) and placed her in her crib to a little whimper. Allie was out. I spent the next half hour with Anna until she dozed off. 10:00ish I left the girls' room after being in there for almost an hour and a half.

They slept most of the night after that until Sarah and I were awoken at 4:00 am (Allie) and again at about 5:15 am (Emily). Sarah saved us in both instances without any major casualties.

We are exhausted and I am running the Falmouth Road Race ( on Sunday. I am tempted, as I was last year, to put a sign on me that says "I have two-year-old triplets, what's YOUR excuse?" I'll do a post next week about Sunday's race, which has special meaning to me, for a variety of reasons. Here's the girls hanging out at the race last year waiting for me and the 9,ooo other runners:

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