Sunday, September 4, 2011

Summer weekend.

Halfway through the last unofficial weekend of summer: a little beach action, some overdue house clean-up and some good laughs!

Yesterday's visit to the beach didn't exactly go according to plan, but we did get a couple of hours on the sand before the day was done so it ws not a total flop.

Today was a somewhat typical weekend day in that Sarah got some much needed sleep while I took the girls with me grocery shopping. The afternoon took an odd twist, however, when Emily said she did NOT want to go with her mommy to the fabric store. So...Allie and Anna went with Sarah while Emily and I did a quick errand and then hung out together for about an hour and a half. I cannot remember the last time Emily and I had alone time! I really enjoyed it.

Having returned from The White Mountains (Storyland and Santa's Village) just a few days ago, we have also spent the last couple of days "catching up" - getting the van cleaned up, laundry done, re-stocking the refrigerator, etc.

During all this, in the back of my mind is my return to classes in a few days....ARGHHHHH!

Both Sarah and Grammy (my mother-in-law Sheila) captured our vacation to New Hampshire with some great pics:

The water coaster at Storyland

Anna behind the wheel of an antique car at Storyland

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