Friday, September 9, 2011

Jump In A Lake

In my entire life, I may have heard my mother swear once. TWICE at the most. My dad (God rest his soul) was a different story because, well, he is a guy. His language was clean most of the time. But when we started playing golf together his frustration came out in four letter words! Ha!

My mother would tell my siblings and me to use expressions like "jump in a lake" or "take a hike" rather than the more off-color expressions used by many kids. As a parent to triplets who is sometimes beaten down with exhaustion, I have to be careful of my language and behavior around our daughters. Everyone knows that children hear and remember EVERYTHING once they hit a certain age. Our kids have hit that age.

Anyway, another of my mother's sayings was "go fly a kite". Well, for the first time in decades, I did actually attempt to fly a kite a couple of weeks ago with the girls. The wind wasn't quite right for kite-flying, but we did have a good time anyway. Sarah's mom got a couple of pictures of our flying turtle.

Can you notice the quizical look on my face as I attempt to assemble Mr. Turtle?

Up up and away....

Things the girls say: Allie asked me to set-up their folding chairs in the backyard the other day (for a show they were putting on). I set-up the Mickey Mouse chair and then the Princess chair. Allie says "Daddy pull out the CheeseBob chair." I mentioned Allie's comment to Sarah that night and she told me that, yes, the girls call SpongeBob CheeseBob. SpongeBob (SquarePants) = CheeseBob. I think that is awesome, considering he does actually look like a piece of cheese!

Notes on today's workout: Great day for a run: partly cloudy and in the low 70's. I did my lunchtime 3.5 mile route from the office over to the Charles River and back. The run felt somewhat sluggish with some soreness in my quads and hamstring muscles, but other than that it was a good run.

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