Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Humble Pie

Fans of Boston professional sports have certainly had reason to celebrate for the past decade with the Bruins, Celtics, Patriots and (of course) Red Sox all winning at least one championship in that period. Peppered within those team accomplishments, there have also been numerous individual player accomplishments and records worth noting. The last couple of days, for example, a couple of my favorite Boston players (and one coach) are getting some well deserved attention for contributing to their respective sports.

Tim Wakefieldknuckle ball pitcher for the Boston Red Sox.

In his 16th season with the Sox, Wakefield beat the Toronto Blue Jays last night at Fenway Park for his 200th career win. Considered an all-around great guy, “Wake” has consistently shown class and professionalism on and off the field. According to, Wakefield was named the recipient of the 2010 Roberto Clemente award - an award given annually to the player who "combines a dedication to giving back to the community with outstanding skills on the baseball field." It was the eighth nomination for Wakefield, a player who has given tirelessly to charities ranging from the Jimmy Fund to his "Pitching in for Kids" organization.

Congrats, Wake!

Tom Bradyquarterback for the New England Patriots.

In the season opener against the Miami Dolphins on Monday night, Mr. Brady threw for a franchise record 517 yards. Accolades of Tom Brady’s accomplishments and contributions could go on forever. For now, I’ll just say we love #12.

Bill BelichickNew England Patriots head coach.

The hooded-sweatshirt ("hoodie") wearing, all business head coach of the Pats will be highlighted on “Football Life”, a NFL Network series. Per the NFL Network, Football Life will take “an in-depth look at the life of one of the NFL's most intriguing coaches, Bill Belichick, using unique on and off-the-field sights, sounds and stories”.

To promote the Belichick series, The City of Boston has allowed The NFL Network to adorn several historical statues in Boston with a New England Patriots hoodie! Too cool.

The timing of the above events is ironic considering the arrest charges of the not-so-humble Manny Ramirez yesterday. Manny, who spent a good part of his career with the Red Sox, allegedly assaulted his wife. Wake, Brady and Belichick are extremely confident, yet humble. "Manny" and "humble" have never been used in the same sentence.

Workout log: Lunchtime runs along the Charles River both yesterday and today, both of which were spectacular days in terms of the weather with temperatures in the low 80's. Today I did about 3.5 - 4 miles in @30 minutes. Yesterday's run was @5.5 miles = 48 minutes.

Things the girls say: Emily has been planning a birthday party for Lil' Lion, her cherished lovie. With a play phone to her ear, she walked by me in the kitchen, saying "...birthday was going to be today, but there is going to be a storm so we better not..." Must be from all the hurricane (Irene) talk a couple of weeks ago!

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