Sunday, September 11, 2011

Feeding the Reindeer at Santa's Village

Things our girls say: Although thankful my girls are not slobs and are instead very much lady-like, their compulsive cleanliness can, at times, be overboard. Hearing "I spilled some MILK...I NEED a napkin...I got dippy on my shirt.." from three whiny voices gets old. Sometimes I just want to say GET OVER IT. Like I said, I would rather this than having kids that make it a habit of tossing food around like a baseball! The girls aversion to all things icky was apparent when we went to feed the reindeer at Santa's Village - check out the video clip:

Today's workout log: I escaped for a run just around lunchtime today. In terms of weather, I would call it a 9 on a 1 - 10 scale!! Sunny, mid to high 70's and no humidity! Since I don't think there is a hill in my town, all my runs are pretty flat and today was no exception for the approximate 4.5 mile route which I did in about 39 minutes.

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