Sunday, February 15, 2009

Running away with triplets.

I've decided to discontinue posting to my blog. The reasons are multiple, but the major reason is time. I've decided I would like to replace the time I've used creating posts with other things.

Thanks to those who have taken time to read my posts and those who have left comments also.

Sarah, as you know, continues with her blog. (She does mention my name here and there - LOL.)

I may re-open at a later point in time, I'm just not sure yet. Until then, all the best.


His Mom said...

Bummer! But I 100% understand. My posting comes and goes. So don't ever feel that you can't post and then disappear for months at a time. Bloggers understand!

Ellen said...


I will miss your blog!! I enjoyed reading about the girls from their dad's point of view!!


Kris said...

Well this is a bummer. I hope that I will actually get to see you more if I can't be reading about you!!
It has been fun to "hear" the dad perspective. All your girls are lucky to have you :)