Monday, February 9, 2009

Not want we wanted to hear.

I took Anna to see her pediatrician this morning - today's visit was to check her weight and get the two shots. Her weight was a concern of the pedi the last visit.

We decided I would take Anna and go into work late. Sarah also went into work a little later than usual because we also had someone coming to fix one of our kitchen cabinets, which was basically falling off the wall (future post). to the pedi Anna & I went.

We got there almost 2o minutes early, took our time getting into the office, and we were actually there before the pedi. I don't think we had gone up 5 or 6 steps until Anna figured out what was going on - she wasn't too thrilled, but was immediately distracted by the toys in the waiting area.
Good morning, sir - how are you?" said Mr. Pedi.
"Good thanks, you?", I said.
"Good, weight check today?"
"Yes, plus she needs a couple of shots."
"Okay, down to diaper and I'll be right back."
We put Anna on scale - 19 lbs and xx ounces.
"Put her back on, let's try again".
Same reading.
Doc tells me her weight actually decreased since last visit. I think to myself, "no way". It was extremely identical to the scene a couple of months ago when Anna goes to see her urologist for a check-up and he finds a hernia. I'm kind of in shock because Anna chows - she eats well. Anyway...Mr Pedi wants to hook us up with the ____ Nutrition doctors at ____. Great, another set of doctors for Anna to see. Not want we want to hear.

I ask him a question or two, he gives me his answer(s). He hands me a slip of paper with the orders for the blood work. I think to myself "how much is too much for my little Anna?"

Yes, Sarah & I are extremely grateful that Anna is doing VERY well. Yes, her condition, given the prognosis given at the first ultrasound and the first few months, is much much better than the doctors had thought. But, I'm not sure there is any pain worse than the heartache I feel. Anna now has to come face to face with a new doctor's office, the unfamiliarity of a stranger examining and probing her. AGAIN.

It kills me. I hate it.

Hopefully this is the last time we hear words from a doctor that we don't want to hear.

(For the record, Sarah and I are not overly concerned with Anna being a little under weight at this point. However, we have, and will continue to, put our trust in the half dozen or so doctors who have helped our little Anna for the past 22+ months.)


Stephanie said...

Not sure what condition Anna has but just wanted to let you know that I have 2 tiny ones. My trips are 21 months old and both of my girls are only 19+pounds. We also see a nutritionist and she has helped us so much.

Anyway, just wanted to say good luck and hang in there!

His Mom said...

Awwww...poor Anna. It kills me whenever Claudia has to have anything done so I have no idea what you and Sarah have faced on a daily basis with her. Thinking about you all!

Rich said...

Thank you both for the kind comments!