Saturday, February 7, 2009

Photoless Saturday.

Since Sarah posted all the pictures, here's my rendition of the first part of today:

I started this post just past the halfway mark of this partly sunny, cold, February Saturday while the girls were I sit at my computer, somewhat at a loss. Feeling kind of empty today. It seems as though any positive feelings are tucked away inside me somewhere, not wanting to show themselves....anyway, you don't want to hear my sad story, so I'll tell you about our day:

Sarah and I both had somewhat normal work schedules this past week, so the girls have both of us all day today.

The day started a little early for me - I was awake and could not fall back asleep, so I got out of bed ahead of Sarah. I went downstairs and got set-up for breakfast. The girls woke up happily about 20 minutes later so I went back upstairs to get them changed, etc. They were laughing and being silly, which was nice because they can sometimes be cranky in the morning. They have kicked it up a notch on their eating as of late so this morning they chowed on two pieces of toast between them, and a good size bowl of cereal (Cheerios)! Sarah was up to help with breakfast - two people makes it so much easier.

We hung out for a bit watching Baby Einstein, "reading" magazines and reading the Valentine's Day cards from their Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Michael. (Allie insisted on stuffing the cards back into their envelopes - not sure where that came from!).

It was time to get out of the house so we announced to the girls "we are going out" and Em starts getting all excited - her and Allie kept saying "cah - cah" (car).

"I'll go warm up the van" I tell Sarah. I go out to start the car, come back and tell Sarah "we may not be going anywhere, the van will not start..." We hadn't used the van since our dead battery episode two weeks prior. I had better luck today and I was able to get the van started by using jumper cables. Note to self: be sure to start the van at least once per week during winter months. Off to Target we go.

We get there, get the girls in the stroller and carriage (see Sarah's blog for pic) and head in to Target with our eyes focused away from people as to avoid the comments. Come to think of it, I didn't hear one triplet comment while we were at Target!

We split up in Target, as we usually do. I had Allie in the carriage, Sarah had Em & Anna in the double. Allie & I are doing our thing, having a good time - she was well behaved and in a good mood. About 15 minutes into shopping, Sarah appears "..hon, I need the carriage..." "OK" I say, in my usual even-keeled demeanor. Sarah says again "...I need the carriage.." OK, I'll follow you. As we walk toward the baby section, Sarah informs me, in somewhat of a whisper, that she found diapers on clearance and "we need to hurry". I think she was afraid all the other triplet families in Target that morning were going to beat us to the boxes of Huggies. LOL.

Long story short: we walked out of Target with over 700 diapers! (See Sarah's blog for the details.)

The remainder of the day contained what we have come to expect from our girls, plus more of course!



Danielle said...

Come on.... tell us your sad story.... that's what a blog is for, right?

Rich said...

LOL. Plenty of sad stories here,but I'll spare you - for now, anyway. :)