Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Grammys and Justin T.

This is going to be a fairly short post because:

  1. I am getting old, need my sleep and need to get to bed early tonight.

  2. The Grammys are on and I want to catch some of the show.

I started this post after watching Justin Timberlake perform with Al Green, which I thought was pretty good. Justin's introduction of Al Green was pretty lame, though. What was with the "General Store" joke, anyway?

There was a Grammy special the other night hosted by Katie Couric - did you see it? Couric interviewed Justin Timberlake. While watching the interview, I said to Sarah "I don't get him (Justin T.) - he does nothing for me...he has no character, etc." Sarah's response was "...well, he is 26, hon - you are 4o something - what do you think?" and "...not many performers have done what he has done at his age..." "...I am not questioning his success..." was my response. I know he is extremely successful, etc. My problem was him, not his success. What does he do, what makes him tick?

Well, it turns out Timberlake is a golfer, a pretty damn good golfer, actually. I love to golf and believe there is something to be said about a man who golfs. So, as we continued to watch the Katie C. special, they had my attention. It also turns out, Timberlake sponsors a golf tournament every year to benefit The Shriner's Hospital - now I can at least say Justin T. does something besides make money and perform.

Then tonight, he did what I thought was a great rendition of Let's Stay Together with Al Green. You have to admit most performances on the awards shows are all lights and distractions and the vocals and performances are usually lame. Tonight's Al Green and Justin Timberlake performance was a nice change from the sorry stuff I've seen on TV lately. So Justin T. is okay in my book, but I will take Al Green's music over Timberlake's.

On a somewhat related note - I saw Whitney Houston, who presented Jennfier Hudson with a grammy tonight, perform at The Berklee Performance Center many years ago - back when she released her self-titled album (late 80's?). It was a great show - Whitney had an incredible voice and gave a very memorable performance that night.

I feel bad for Whitney. Are her and Bobby Brown still together? I always thought Bobby was the bad apple that ruined Whitney. But, I heard from someone who knew Bobby B. (and the other members of New Edition also), that Whitney was no princess herself!.

Enough gossip for tonight - gotta catch some more of the Grammy awards before catching some zzz's.

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