Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Random Things.

Here we go:
  1. I climbed Ayers Rock back in 1989. Well, I actually only went partially up and turned around because I was terrified! My brother Don went to the top, though.
  2. I go by "Rich", but my brothers and sisters call me "Rick".
  3. Some friends and I snuck into Fenway Park one late night during the off-season - ran around the field, etc. One of my buddies ended up with a few seats from the grandstand!
  4. I use Splenda in my coffee, not regular sugar.
  5. I think long fingernails on a guy are disgusting - mine are always trim.
  6. Growing up, we only had one bathroom in a house of 13 kids.
  7. No multiples, no adoptions and the same father and mother for those 13 children.
  8. I attended five different schools before entering high school.
  9. I don't like to be rushed.
  10. I was always considered shy as a child.
  11. Although fairly athletic, I never played "organized" sports, with the exception of two years of LL baseball.
  12. I practiced as a massage therapist for a couple of years after attending a massage school in Cambridge, MA. (founded by a man considered to be somewhat of a pioneer in massage).
  13. I can do "The Electric Slide" dance.
  14. I haven't had a drink of alcohol since 1989, thank God.
  15. Both myself and my two younger brothers (Don & Chris) had very blond hair as kids.
  16. Because I was so "shy" as a kid, another kid in the neighborhood used to pick on me (beat me up) until I snapped, fought back, and he never bothered me again. Lesson learned.
  17. I have owned, or co-owned about 20 cars since I got my driver's license.
  18. I have worked for 14 different companies since high school. This does not include assignments through temp. agencies.
  19. My running PR (personal record) was a sub-seven minute per mile pace for a 10K. That was a few years ago (LOL)!
  20. I did a tandem parachute jump out of a plane, thanks to inspiration from my brother Frank.
  21. My brother Don & I snorkeled The Great Barrier Reef. The ocean was a bit rough and I turned to talk to Don and he was no where to be found. I thought he drowned or had gotten eaten by a shark until I returned to the boat and found him there, chilling out!
  22. I still have pictures of ex-girlfriends/ex-wife. (Sarah told me to put this one on my list!)
  23. I sleep with a pillow under my knees.
  24. I've taken "Spanish" dance lessons - learned cha-cha, salsa, etc..
  25. I've moved at least 13 times since my early twenties.


Hope's Mama said...

Well now I feel bad. You've done two things in my country I haven't done!!

Rich said...

You'll have to take those trips you've been putting off! I'll have to dig up my photos and post a few.

Your country is amazing - what I remember most was how friendly the people were.