Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our Disney Trip: Shows and Parades

Sarah  and I agree that the folks at Disney know how to put on a show.  BTW if you don't follow Sarah, but are interested in getting details about Disney, go to her blog.

Having been to Disney twice, and taken the girls to two different Disney On Ice shows, we have concluded that Disney shows are done right. They get everything right from timely starts to entertaining multiple age groups.

This trip we saw the Belle show (Hollywood Studios) and The Lion King show (Animal Kingdom) again - we had seen them during our first trip to Disney in 2010.  Very enjoyable shows.  We also saw the Nemo (Animal Kingdom) and Arielle (Holywood Studios) shows for the first time.  Equally impressive.

What I find impressive about the shows is that ALL the cast members perform the show as if it is their only performance. They give 110% and it shows!

So...if you go to Disney, don't miss the shows!!!!

There are, of course, parades throughout the day at Magic Kingdom and a parade at Animal Kingdom.  Both of which are great.  It just seems like the parades at Magic Kingdom run when I am trying to get from one part of the park to another and cannot because of the parade! 

I got some clips from the Belle, Lion King and Nemo shows and some of both parades.  My video clips do not do the shows justice, so don't judge the show by these clips (please):

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