Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our Disney Trip: Beach Club Resort

How nice was it for us to check-in at the Beach Club in Disney after that draining drive?  It was great!

We arrived on a Sunday afternoon @3:00 and I was impressed with the hotel the moment we pulled up to the entrance.  We stayed 7 nights and, outside of the hotel(s) Sarah & I stayed in on our honeymoon to Hawaii back in 2004, this was probably the best stay we have had at a hotel while vacationing.

I am sure Sarah will give a more detailed review of Disney's Beach Club Resort.  But here are the pros & cons I came up with.  Mostly pros, BTW.

  • Rooms were clean, comfortable, and fairly spacious.
  • a/c worked great in the rooms (we had 2 adjoining rooms for 3 adults and 3 children).
  • awesome, awesome view from our room.
  • proximity to Epcot and Hollywood Studios was great - it literally took 5 minutes to walk to the Epcot entrance.  The walk to Holly wood Studios was @20 minutes.
  • Pools!!  The pool, as advertised, was awesome.  We spent our time in the "kiddie" pool behind the huge water slide and it was perfect for our girls.  Old man daddy (me) went down the big slide a few times too!  It was a fairly intense ride!  The kiddie pool had a slide too - Emily loved it.
  • Beaches and Cream restaurant was fun and the ice cream was delish!
  • Staff was friendly, helpful and professional.
  • The bed was very comfortable - in no way did it feel like a hotel bed!
Cons (observances more than complaints)
  • It was a LONG walk from our room to the lobby, parking lot and the hotel store.
  • the bathroom and the sink/mirror area was kind of awkward.
  • Despite having reservations, we had to wait almost 20 minutes beyond our reservation time for breakfast with the characters.
I took a few video clips of the hotel, including the kiddie pool area, our room and the view from our room.  I think it gives a good feel for Disney's Beach Club Resort:

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