Friday, September 21, 2012

Our Disney Trip: Character Meet & Greets Part II

Here's one more video clip of some character meet & greets from Disney.  Like I said before...meeting/hugging/talking to the characters is the girls' favorite part of visiting Disney! 

It certainly brings me enormous joy too - I love seeing the girls' faces light up!


Mary said...

Hi Rich, I'm a long time follower. I discovered your blog from Sarah's blog a while ago. This video was the best! Just made me smile, and what a difference a year makes. The girls didn't seem to be shy at all this time.

A reader from South of Boston.

Dad to Triplets said...

Hi Mary and thanks for comment as I am goign through a "why one reads my posts anyway" phase. Glad you liked the video - it is one of my favs also!
South of Boston = cool!

Jilly said...

I read them, I promise! Although I didn't recognize every character (a boy, I think - and a bear?) and it makes me think I'm slipping on my Disney knowledge! I can't get over how adorable the girls' dresses are. My old college roommate is a cast member at Disney and I'll bet, if you didn't actually get any compliments on them from CMs, they were saying them in their minds - most of the CMs are the biggest Disney fans, as well!

Chantel said...

Loved watching the videos, characters were a big reason we went...Cole wasn't so sure, but Claudia was a huge fan! Love that the girls met Merida's triplet brothers. Pretty cute!