Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Watch out for Team Triplet!

Sarah and I ran another 5K last weekend and I think if Sarah was not a runner and hadn’t pushed me to run this one, I would have bagged it. The race was on a morning after a few nights of not so great sleep, so my motivation come race day was running low.

The route for this local 5K was the exact same route as a 5K we ran back in May. What was great about this race was they had a fun run for kids 12 and under which Allie, Anna and Emily participated in.

The girls were extremely cute (of course) and also serious about the run. They definitely understand what a “run” is from all the running Sarah and I do. The best part of the kids race was when I was holding Anna (remember she has Spina Bifida) for a minute and she said “…put me down, I want to run, daddy!” After we ran our race, Allie insisted that she wanted to run again so off we went to the track for a second lap. And they ran:

I must say I am impressed with both of our times in the 5K when you consider our ages and how sleep deprived we are! There were less than 400 registered runners (and walkers) and Sarah was able to do a 9:17 pace to finish in the upper 1/3 of her age group. I managed to push out an 8:51 pace for the 3.1 miles and finished in about the middle of my age group – not bad considering I was pushing close to 80 pounds in a stroller!

By the way, I have been running road races fairly consistently for over ten years and up until last week thought I had seen it all. That changed. If you are a runner you know that after the race runners generally hang out, hydrate and re-fuel while they exchange post-race stories. The runners do NOT spark up cigarettes or cigars. On Saturday, as Sarah and I were moving through the crowd of runners, I spotted a woman smoking a butt! And she was wearing a running bib! We will have to assume she walked the race, folks.


Anonymous said...

SO unbelievably cute! i love watching videos of them!

Rich said...

Sarah got me a FLIP for Christmas which has helped me capture some good stuff because the camera literally fits in my pocket.