Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Superstar Is What You Are

At almost three and one half years old, the girls have great imaginations - very often they play games with each other for hours. One of their favorite games is SCHOOL where one of them plays teacher and teacher tells the class what they will do next. Circle time means they sit in a circle and do pad-a-cake or sing a song or something else. They also play MOMMY and DOCTOR as well. Although, with fewer doctors appointments as of late, they haven’t been poking each other with the stethoscope much!

Allie, Anna and Emily also love to sing and dance so we are thinking of getting them into dance or ballet. This video clip shows just how much fun they have singing a song from one of two CDS they insist on listeing to when we are in the van. The words are something like “skill a wink a dink a do, skill a wink a do… I LOVE YOU…I love you in the morning, I love you…”

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