Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The cow's name is Elmo.

Watching my daughters react to animals has been amusing. They either laugh hysterically, try to engage the animal in conversation, or cling to Sarah’s leg or my leg! Without leaving our house, they have seen deer, rabbits, fox, wild turkeys, chipmunks, birds, and all sorts of insects (“Get the SPIDER Daddy!”).

We’ve also brought Allie, Anna and Emily to Southwick’s Zoo a couple of times and Roger Williams Zoo where they have had fun watching giraffes, rhinos and chimps. I think visits to the local petting zoo have provided the best entertainment, though!

The girls, however, had never come face to face with a cow so I was a little curious to see how they would react when we decided to take them to a local dairy for an ice cream and cow viewing.

The ice cream experience was very disappointing, but the girls’ reaction was not at all disappointing. (Check out Sarah’s blog post for more on why it was such a let down.)

After a few bites of ice cream Allie went right up to the cows, said hello and starting asking the cows what their names were! I found it quite entertaining. Check out this video clip:

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