Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cutest Patriot Fans Ever!

In 2007, the same year Allie, Anna and Emily were born, the Patriots had the NFL's first perfect season since 1972. The Pats had a great run which, as we all know, ended with the Super Bowl. During the Patriots reign that year, Sarah’s brother John sent some cute pink caps with the Patriots logo on them and one day we somehow managed to get a couple of pictures of them before they pulled them off their heads! This picture is great because they look like they are giving a “Let’s Go Pats” chant!

Left to right - Allie, Emily and Anna

With the great weather the last few weekends the TV hasn’t even been turned on during game time. However, I do wonder sometimes what the girls reaction would be if I turned the game on instead of one of their “bideos”. Ha!


Chantel said...

Claudia on occasion will ask to watch "badeball" it is super cute! Last year when a football game was on she would stare with horror at the TV and say "Oh no! Be careful!" so cute!

Rich said...

I guess that if my kids are going to watch a sport baseball would be my preference too.