Thursday, August 5, 2010

Santa at the zoo? In the summer?

This video clip is from a recent trip we took to Southwick's Zoo. We had a good day, but I will say that after several trips to different zoos over the past year, I have mixed feelings about the whole zoo experience. If you want more details about Southwick's Zoo and our visit, check out Sarah's post.

Like I said, our day was fun and highlighted by some very funny and cute comments by our girls. This is from the end of the day on a car ride operated by "Santa". Talk about a mixed reaction from our daughters - Allie(in purple) and Anna sat in the front while Emily had her fun in the back seat.


Anonymous said...

Papa got a good laugh when I showed him this video.

Kris said...

this one should go to Americas Funniest :) 10K ......