Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On Monday I was weighing the pros and cons of doing a lunchtime run and checked - the temperature was recorded as 89 degrees and “Feels like 90”. Knowing what my training has been like with less than a week before my 7+ mile race, I decided to run, even if it meant taking it a little slow.

From my office, my route takes me to the Storrow Drive side of the Charles River - over the Massachusetts Avenue bridge to the Cambridge side of The Charles – along Memorial Drive to The Museum Of Science and back. I estimate the run to be approximately 5 miles.

To help keep my mind off the heat, I decided to make mental observations of the people I saw during my run. Here are the results of my VERY informal survey:

• The number of people running was less than 5% of all the people I observed.

• Male runners = 70%

• Runners over 40 = 40%

• Male runners over 40 years old = 40%

• Female runners over 40 = 30%

• Male shirtless runners = too many (note: no matter how hot it gets I always wear at least a singlet.)

• Female runners in the same category = zero!

• Number of times I smelled a foul odor = 3.

• Runners wearing cotton shirts = 45%

When I returned to my desk, had increased the temperature slightly:
Partly Cloudy
Feels Like: 92°

My employer provides a small workout room and showers which I utilized upon my return to the office. So, besides having a red face for awhile, I had a productive run in the heat!

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