Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Multiples playtime at the park.

Sarah and I took the girls for a get together for moms of multiples and their families. All the families were members of a private message board where mothers can exchange information, vent, gossip and share their experiences as a mother of multiples. This was the first time this group from "the board" has gotten together in "real life" and, as far as I know "worlds did not collide" (think Seinfeld episode when George's fiance Susan becomes buddies with Elaine). Everyone appeared to have a good time. Sarah tells me someone counted 33 children there. There were three other sets of triplets besides our girls.

Personally, I was just as curious about the park as I was about meeting the other families. As a child, my mother and sisters would take us to Larz Anderson Park to feed the ducks, picnic and play in the playground. The playground has been updated with great, safe swings and slides for the kids. We didn't make it down to the water, but from what I could see that section of the park was also clean.

Our girls had a blast at the playground, especially Allie - she kept saying "daddy I want to go on THAT one..." Here's a clip of the girls having some fun at the park:

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