Thursday, August 26, 2010

Falmouth Road Race 2010.

For the 15th consecutive year I completed my favoritve road race - The Falmouth Road Race. As it always seems to happen, the stars aligned and spectacular August weather made for decent running conditions for the 10:00am start out of Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

In addition to great weather, I was blessed with seeing my family as I approached mile 5. Here are my cuties enjoying some Dunkin Munchkins as they await my arrival:
I, of course, had to stop and give Anna a smooch.

As is tradition we met family (my brother, three of his children and my niece Jen's fiance all ran this year) to talk about the race and have some post-race chow and coloring.

It was also nice to have a post-race cooldown with my sweethearts (Emily in purple sweatshirt, Anna next to me and Allie with Elmo).
I have to say this year's Falmouth was a good one for me. My time was the best I've posted at this race since 2003. More importantly, I was somewhat overwhelmed by the support we received for the Spina Bifida Association as I was able to raise over $2,500 for sbaMass.

Post note:
In addition to some of the world's best runners running Falmouth, this year's race included Dick Hoyt and his son (see pic below). I was also told by Sarah that my sister saw Chris (bacheloerette runner-up)running the race too (sorry, no pic - LOL).


Berg said...

I just saw a video about Dick Hoyt and his son. So impressive! Glad your race went well and you were able to raise so much money.

Rich said...

Dick and his son have an interesting story. Impressive is a good word to describe them - Dick is bulit like a rock!