Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Just call me stupid?

Yesterday was the day which marked the one year mark of me leaving my former employer.  Maybe that is why I was so down (and still am).  I also received my grade for the fourth part of the CPA exam which I had taken late last month.  I did not pass.

I texted Sarah telling her I am an idiot and that I wanted to cry.  The whole job search and exam situation is wearing me down.  BIG time.

I am trying to be positive.  I want to provide income for our family (and my retirement).  I have over two decades of experience in my field and I feel like employers many times put me on par with someone with 3 - 7 years of experience. And they expect me to take a 25 - 30% pay cut.

Believe me, I am grateful for what we have as a family - not only financially, but in terms of love for each other.  Sarah works her *ss off each and every day, whether at the office or at home. She is good at her profession and gets compensated accordingly (thankfully).

Am I a loser? A loafer?  No, I am not either of those, but sometimes it just feels like I am.


Ashlee said...

Studying for these exams makes me feel so stupid (and I know I'm not - most days) I joke (kind of seriously) that I need anxiety medicine to get through it. It's time consuming and HARD! And that's without kids at home, I seriously cannot imagine how much it adds to the stress having to be a good dad and husband on top of it!

You are not stupid and you'll get there!

and I tell my bf (and you can tell Sarah) we have it so much worse than they did with all this IFRS! ;)

Dad to Triplets said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Ashlee - I could use it!!

Ya def much more material than "back in the day" when Sarah took exam(s). During an interview the other day the man across the desk said when he took the exam, there were only 12 topics/pronouncements to know. Ya...if only that was true now!

Good luck to you as well!

Bianca said...

Hello! I follow Sarah's blog, and occasionally come here. My husband is in a similar situation to you. He is a pilot and has just failed an exam that will allow him to progress to the aircraft he wants to fly for the THIRD time!

It doesn't make me love him any less, in fact I love him more for following his dreams and sticking to his guns. I reckon the perfect job is waiting just around the corner - stay strong, and focused, and enjoy the time you have with your beautiful babies!

Christi said...

I follow Sarah's blog too. I'm in sales for a financial software company. I hadn't thought of all that info having to be learned by an individual for the CPA exam before your blog post. The amount of regulations and compliance in accounting is so much more complex from when I started here in 2004. Never mind the IFRS convergence coming down the pike. I totally get your frustration.

You'll get there. You are SO not a loser or a loafer.

Teej said...

You seem like such a fantastic dad. Definitely not a loafer or a loser.