Friday, March 29, 2013

Daddy - Daughter Dance.

Our town holds both father-daughter and mother-son dances each year staring with kindergarten-aged children.  So...this was the first year my girls got to take their daddy to the dance!

It was exhausting, and at times a little stressful (trying to keep an eye on 3 six-year olds), but a ton of fun. I couldn't have been more proud being the father of these girls!

It was also fun to watch each one of the girls connect with at least one friend during the night.  Simply adorable.  Especially Emily and her friend "S". "S" is a peanut like Emily. And they adore each other!  I think they held each other's hand all night long.

Here is a picture Sarah took before the dance.  She insisted the picture be taken outside (for the lighting) = why we look a bit chilly.


ChloeElyse said...

Rich, can I just say how much respect I have for you as a father? I myself grew up without a father and whilst I don't believe I'm as badly affected as many girls who have no father figure, I do really appreciate when I see a man who takes his role as seriously as it should be taken. All four of your girls are blessed to have you.

Dad to Triplets said...

Thank you very much for the kind words, ChloeElyse. I certainly hope the time I spend with the girls now will benefit them as they get older.