Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A - You're Adorbale

As with most families, our weekends in both May and June were packed with weddings, first communions, christenings, and shows! One of the shows was the annual dance show put on by the dance school the girls have been attending for the past year. This was their first dance show.

I will leave my commentary on the dance show itself and preparation for the show for another time.  I will say, however, that the "guidelines" were a bit much, especially when dealing with 5 year-old triplets.

If you are the father to a girl, you probably understand the feelings I felt while watching my girls perform on stage.  My daughters make my heart sing each and every day, regardless of what is going on. A smile.  A giggle.  Their questions.  Their energy.  It all makes me so proud.  Yes, I am blessed.  Seeing them all "dolled-up" and dancing on stage was just priceless, however.  Totally priceless.

Video recording and picture taking were not alowed at the actual show so this clip is actually from the rehearsal, which was the day before. Their instructor(s) stood behind the curtain and directed them - that is why the girls are looking to the side at times.

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