Thursday, October 7, 2010

Highlights from the Summer of 2010

The heat has been turned on at our house for about a week now. With the cooler weather the past couple of weeks and the daylight hours getting shorter, it sometimes feels like summer ended months ago, not just a few weeks ago.

Ahhh...summertime - nothing like it and this past summer was a doozy. Our summer of fun included Storyland, the zoo, pool swimming, the beach and ice cream, of course! I pulled together some clips of our summer of fun with Allie, Anna and Emily:


Anonymous said...

soooooo sweet! looks like it was a great summer. by the way, would you be interested in writing something about running your first marathon or on marathon training in the future? being that you are a runner, i'd really love to see your input on that. thanks!

Rich said...

Yes, a couple of posts about my first marathon or how my training went with different marathons is a good idea. I have not been good about posting running stuff in awhile. Thanks for the push!