Monday, October 25, 2010

Going to a Piesta (Fiesta)!

Both Sarah and I think our girls have a strong vocabulary for three year olds. Pronouncing some of the words in that vocabulary is a different story, of course! For example, if you follow Sarah’s blog, you know the word video is pronounced "bideo" in our house. And, as we found out recently, Allie, Anna and Emily think fiesta is pronounced "piesta". (Not sure where they picked up the word fiesta, by the way. Maybe Diego?)

Here’s a clip of Emily and Anna having a "piesta":


Eileen said...

hilarious! The little girl I watch can't say L's, which means her name comes out as 'rwiwwee' instead of 'lily.' So funny...
Was one of the girls sporting band-aids for style or because she had shots?

Rich said...

Too funny.

Band-Aids as a fashion statement seems to have passed (for now, anyway), Eileen!