Friday, April 9, 2010

Tell me a story daddy.

My daughter Emily (whether my wife Sarah will admit it or not) is Mommy's girl. When she was a baby, she slept with Sarah. Only Sarah could feed Emily. Emily would only stop crying when her mommy held her. Emily is almost 3 and still has many days when she will not leave Sarah's side.

Emily does hang out and play with her daddy now, though. And I, of course, love it! I never thought the day would come when I could play with my daughters. The last few nights, upon arriving home from work, Emily has said "daddy, come in the living room and play with me". You don't have to ask me twice, Em! Emily and I also have another connection with a bedtime routine of me telling her a story. Every night now Emily will say "daddy tell me a story". Daddy's true, real life stories include Daddy Goes to School, Daddy Goes to the Doctor and Daddy Gets Stung by Bees - the story most requested by Em (I'll have to do a post on that story sometime).

Here's a video clip of Emily (and Anna) demonstrating how adorable she is.

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