Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Masters

The Masters.

I was extremely fortunate to travel to Augusta Georgia in 2004 and watch a couple of rounds of The Masters at Augusta National.

A ticket/badge to The Masters is an extremely tough ticket, by the way.

For me, walking the grounds of Augusta for the first time was an experience unlike any other. It was everything I expected, and more. I stood within earshot of Arnold Palmer, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els. I crossed the immaculate fairways of the historic golf course. The patrons are all civil - there were no loud, belligerent men shouting at the players. Having a sandwich, soda and chips for $5 was nice too!

One of my younger brothers has been going to The Masters for the past ten years or so and he is the reason why I was able to go back in 2004. He is there now. I am jealous.

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