Saturday, February 27, 2010

Two girls and a boy.

Sarah and I heard those words quite often when the girls were young (and had very little hair!). For some reason, when we would be out in public, strangers would assume whoever was in the black single stroller was a boy. It used to drive us crazy!! Yes, the girls were pretty much bald for the longest time but if you at least looked before speaking you could see they were all girls!! Anyway, for the first time in at least a year the statement “two girls and a boy” was mouthed to us in an elevator on Monday.

The words took on a completely different meaning this time however. Sarah’s mom, Sarah and I were making our way out of the hospital after Anna’s ultrasound appointment (see Sarah’s post for more) on Monday. I had carried Allie (a bit crabby due to lack of sleep and teething) to the cashier of the somewhat antiquated parking garage within the city/hospital while Sarah and Sheila hopped in the elevator to start the process of loading the girls for the ride home. Because the building is so old, the elevators move extremely slow so I was able to pay the cashier and reach the elevator just in time for Allie and me to join the rest of the family for the elevator ride.

The elevator was small, but there was enough room for all of us, the stroller, and a couple of other passengers. My mind was preoccupied with getting to work and Anna’s ultrasound so I hadn’t given much notice to the elevator passenger next to me. Sarah, however, noticed he was carrying two balloons – one pink and one blue so she made a comment to the gentleman – something like “did you have twins?” The guy responded with “triplets, actually”. I took notice. His next statement was “two girls and a boy”. In the next two minutes we learned they were born four days previously at about 31 weeks and were all three were breathing on their own.

Before the new dad got off the elevator, Sarah told him to get some sleep. I didn’t say anything – I just thought to myself "he is in for quite a ride”.

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