Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bad Day.

The song Bad Day (the one American Idol used as a farewell song to contestants a couple of seasons ago) has been in my head since my run-in with an idiot at the train station this morning.

Dear fellow commuter:

You’re a tough guy, I know. Very cool and intimidating with your pulled up collar and shaved head. So you had a bad day, eh? That’s why you decided, rather than having to walk around me, you felt the need to purposely bump me once and then knock my bag off my shoulder with a second bump. You decided you weren’t going to say “excuse me”. You didn’t apologize because you are not sorry. Maybe you’re in a mood because your girlfriend left you for that cute guy who lives upstairs from you. Or maybe your ugly dog (who makes a mess in your neighbor’s yard all the time) got hit by a truck last night. Or maybe you are just pissed because, rather than getting paid to sleep in this morning, you had to get your sorry *ss out of bed and go to work for once. I don’t know what your story is nor do I care. We all have stories. We all have crosses to bear. You are rude. You are an idiot. You are everything else I didn’t get to say to you this morning while my blood was boiling and you were in my face. I was so mad I couldn’t think straight enough to tell you I know your deal – I don’t buy your lame surprised response when I confronted you about your rudeness. You must have thought I was going to roll over like some professional geek with no gall. This morning you made the decision that you were mad and that the first person who “got in your way” was going to have a bad day too. I (unfortunately), have to admit I let you get the best of me. I didn’t throw a right jab square to your nose like I wanted to, but you were in my head rent-free this morning so in some ways you did win. So…you HAD A BAD DAY. You poor baby - maybe when you call your mother tonight she’ll be the sole person to pity your sorry soul.

Yours truly,
Commuter Who Got In Your Way

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