Monday, February 15, 2010

Laundry Helper times Three.

Our girls are getting to the age where they can "help" mommy and daddy. Help from Allie, Anna and Emily comes in the form of the clean-up of toys, books, crayons, paper, clothes, diapers and whatever else the girls decide to make a mess of. And, because we don't have a separate room for our washer & dryer (they are are in the bathroom on the first floor), the sorting of the girls' clothes is often done in an area of the house where the girls have full access to a laundry basket filled with dirty clothes. Sunday was one of those days - some unsorted clothes sat in the laundry basket and the girls were in a helpful mood. So help they did.

Notice in the video clip how Anna is very deliberate with the task at hand (and deliberate in what her sisters should be doing also). I think the little episode is pretty funny, but Sarah didn't see the humor in it when she went to put a load of clothes in the wash!


anotherfineproductfrom said...

Do they kill you with their cuteness? They kill me. That was so adorable. Thanks!

Rich said...

Yes, they do kill me with their cuteness. I swear I could watch the videos over and over and over again. But then again, I get them in real life which is soooo much better!