Wednesday, December 30, 2009

That special feeling.

I had a first the other night – a first as a father. To put the “experience" into perspective, I thought I would jot down a few of the experiences I have had as a dad:

- I have changed more than my share of diapers - probably more then the average dad and maybe even more than average for a father of triplets. Smelly diapers, wet diapers, disgustingly wet and dirty diapers and diaper changes which require a clothing change.
- I have sat next to a crib for more than hour (at all hours of the night and morning) in hopes that Allie (or Anna or Emily) will fall back asleep.
- I have dozed off briefly from exhaustion while feeding a bottle to one of my daughters.
- I have experienced the panic that only a parent can experience when, out in public, I lost sight of one of my girls for the briefest of moments.
- I have cried tears of joy to myself when I thought of how far Sarah and I have come from those days when the girls were still in Sarah’s womb. When Sarah was pregnant we had a simple wish “please just let these girls be delivered alive and healthy”. I now watch in amazement as they walk, talk and run through our lives.
- I have been witness to one of my naked daughters emptying her bladder onto the carpet.
- I have also walked on the edge of insanity at times - maybe when one of my daughters refuses to listen or cannot tell me why she is crying.
- I have experienced joy which I never felt before when Anna (or Emily or Allie) holds a smile to me which is bright enough to melt my heart.

This is just a very small sample of my experiences as a father to triplet girls. The other night, however my daughter Allie really got me good.

Sarah and I have a somewhat perfected system for bath night when Grammy is not present. The routine consists of bathing the girls one at a time – Emily first, then Allie and then Anna last. (There is a reason for that order, but I’ll save that for another post.) Sarah takes Emily directly to the bathroom with her while I contain Anna and Allie in the girls’ bedroom. Yes, “contain”. As Sarah finishes up with each of the girls, she walks them into the bedroom and we trade an unbathed girl for a bathed girl. As Allie is being bathed, I dry Emily and dress her while keeping trying to keep Anna out of trouble. This process continues until all three are dried off, dressed and their hair is combed.

Last night, I had Allie on her back on the floor, partially wrapped in one of her new Barbie bath towels. Anna was in the tub being bathed by Sarah and Emily was being her crazy self - being silly and bothering Allie while I was drying her off. As I'm positioning Allie's diaper under her bum and trying to keep Emily at bay, I feel a little wet and don't think anything of it - it must be from Allie's damp bath towel or Allie's hair. Then the "liquid" feels like a stream and I say to myself "where is that water coming from?" I moved Allie's towel aside to secure her diaper only to see (and feel) pee streaming into the air and onto me!!! She was peeing like a fountain and the fountain basin was me!

Fortunately I happen to have water resistant running clothes on and her pee wasn't the toxic yellow color it can sometimes be. In the hundreds of diaper changes I have done, being peed upon was a first!

Apparently when Sarah asked Allie about the incident, Allie mentioned having "that special feeling" (think Elmo Goes Potty DVD).


His Mom said...

I am surprised when they were tiny they didn't pee on you during a diaper change. Claudia did it quite a bit as a tiny infant! Fountain effect and all! Boys are the worst though, we are constantly having to work on not getting peed on!

Rich said...

I guess I have been lucky up to this point and yes, I can only imagine the pee stories with boys!