Thursday, December 24, 2009

Storytime with three.

With three girls under the age of 3, bedtime at our house can take over an hour. Putting on jammies, brushing teeth, runs to the "potty", hugs, reading and telling stories all add up to a fair amount time and energy (Mommy's, Daddy's and Grammy's energy, of course).

No matter how drained or grumpy we are though, we always find time to read to our girls before they get tucked in. And, just like Olivia, we always negotiate with our girls on the number of books we will read to them. The compromise is 3 books.

This video isn't the greatest caption of the level of animation our girls have shown during story time, but I do think the video does help capture some of their personalities. Enjoy and apologies for the unsteady camera!


Anonymous said...

Maybe they'll become famous a singing Trio someday;-)

His Mom said...

Just in case you have any kind of counter on that video, Claudia just watched it about 48 times. She kept asking for "pretty girls spider"

Rich said...

LOL - I love it!