Monday, December 14, 2009

Six weeks and then back to it.

I just counted the weeks on the calendar: I have a six week break until the second semester of what may prove to be a LONG road to an MBA starts. Six weeks without having papers to write and six weeks where I don't have to fight traffic to get to work and class after work. Ahhhh - I only have three crazy toddlers to deal with!

I'm only taking one class again next semester. I love it when people ask how many classes I am taking and they respond with a look that says "what, only one class?" And I come back with a response Sarah and I used to use quite a bit: "Have triplets and come back and talk to me then". Ha ha! That always gets a look.

Anyway, just babbling here. Not that anyone is waiting with baited breath for a blog post from me, but I do have some pretty cute video of my cuties to post! Stay tuned. Or at least stay awake.

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