Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Aunt.

I didn't really think about this post and how I wanted to write it - I just felt I should write something about my mother's last surving sister passing away this morning. After being in a nursing home for a few years, she suffered a stroke last week from which she was not able to recover.

Because my Aunt Winkie never married nor have children, my twelve siblings and I were her famliy. In many ways Winkie was a typical Boston-born Irish Catholic woman who loved to socialize, sing, laugh and joke around. She also used to make batches of home-made Hires root beer at least once a year which tasted awesome!

I'll just keep this post short and simple. We love you Winkie - you will be sorely missed. Tell my dad, my daughter Abbey and Julie I will see them again.



Meg said...

Sorry to read about your Aunt. Even when our loved ones are older and aging, it's still difficult when the inevitable happens. I read on Sarah's blog that you all went to visit her, I didn't realize she had passed. My prayers are with you and her.

I'd love to know more about this homemade root beer, too. Sounds tasty! :)

Rich said...

Thank you for the kind thoughts, Meg.

I tell you that root beer was awesome!