Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our Five Year Wedding Anniversary.

Today is our 5 Year wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary, Sarah!

Our life then was a balanced mix of time with family, friends, and each other. We worked, we traveled, and we talked about what our future might look like. The only major stressor for us at the time was the renovating of our home - a Colonial/Victorian house built in the lat 1800's. We both wanted to be parents, but neither of us had a definitive time plan on when that would happen. We were, pretty much, typical newlyweds.

Fast forward - 2009:
The stress of renovating the old house in many ways seems like decades ago. After a year we learn Sarah is pregnant with our first child.
June 2006: Abigail comes into the world still.
Months later, "in an odd twist of fate" (Sarah's words), I hear the words "...I see three babies" from the technician conducting the ultrasound on Sarah's tummy.
Within minutes after learning of our daughters, we learn of a birth defect called spina bifida.
I believe adversity can either tear apart or strengthen a relationship. Sarah and I have had our share of struggles. We, of course, have also been blessed. Our life is not easy, nor without heartache. There, of course, is also an abundance of love and joy in our family.
Our wedding songs were Happy To Be Stuck With You by Huey Lewis (no joke) and Edwin McCain's I Could Not Ask For More. Well, I could not ask for more.
Happy Anniversary, hon.

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