Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yes, I do run.

The title of the blog assumes I am a runner, correct? Well, you wouldn't think I was much of a runner by reading my posts the past few months. But yes, I do consider myslef a runner even though the past 2.5 years my running has been sporadic, at best. So, I thought I would post some evidence to support my claim that I do, literally, run with triplets.

Left to right - Allie, Emily and Anna.

How 'bout those legs?

You may notice the white armband on my right arm - it reads Abbey. My mother in-law Sheila sewed it for me to wear - I wear it whenever I run outside.

The only thing I don't like about these pictures is that Anna's eye is swollen from the mosquito incident.
The girls' total weight is about over 65 lbs now. Their increase in weight, combined with my increase in age has contributed to a slower pace as of late!

Do you think we get much attention on the street? Just a little.

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Anonymous said...

Although I don't run with the girls in the jogging stroller I've noticed lately more strain in my neck/shoulder muscles pushing them on our 'walks'. NOT complaining it's good exercise. keeps me young;-)
Grammy, a.k.a. Sheila