Friday, June 3, 2011

Maybe I Do Have Something Left in the Tank.

Given what I would consider sub-par running performances in road races over the past several years, I was starting to believe that I had lost my edge as a runner. I will not bore you with life events of the past 10 -15 years, but suffice to say that, like most people, my life has taken many turns over that time. And those changes have affected my running. Being single and in my thirties allowed for opportunities to train and post some good times in road races. For example, “back in the day”, I could generally run a 5K at a sub-seven minute mile pace and I even had a PR in a 10K with a pace below 7 minutes per mile.

That, of course was before we renovated a 100+ year-old house, Sarah’s two pregnancies, and four years of keeping up with triplets!

With a shift in priorities came a drop in finishing times at several races. I was now in my forties and had less time for running so I reluctantly resigned to thinking my days of “fast” times were over.

That was until last night when I ran the 3.5 mile JP Morgan Corporate Challenge (Boston) in just under 27 minutes. I know that is not a fast time, but hey, all factors considered, I think it is pretty darn good!

So…maybe there is something left in my running tank after all.

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