Monday, November 8, 2010

Way to go USA.

Sunday had just about come and gone without me remembering the New York City Marathon had been run. Having triplets who are three and a half years old has fried my memory! I am constantly writing notes to myself and Sarah and I always tell each other reminders in hopes that between our two tired brains we will remember to ___ fill in the blank. Anyway…thanks to the end of Daylight Savings Time, our girls were asleep well before 8:00 last night so I was able to watch two television shows in their entirety (60 Minutes and The Amazing Race). And before we headed up to bed we decided to catch some local news. That was when I realized I had forgotten about the NYC Marathon being run.

NECN (the news station we were watching) showed the Chilean miner crossing the finish line, but the newscast didn’t say who won neither the men’s nor women’s divisions! Hello?! They did, however, report that Shalane Flanagan of The United States had placed second for the women and became the first US woman to do so since Kim Jones in 1990! Even though NECN did report on Ms. Flanagan’s feat, I am betting that “celebrity” runners like Bobby Flay (4:01), Ryan Sutter from The Bachelor (3:21), and Al Roker (7 hours +!!!) will get as much press from completing the marathon as Flanagan will get from the awesome run she had in her first marathon.

So I just want to say congratulations to Marblehead, Massachusetts native Shalane Flanagan for finishing second in her marathon debut!

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