Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

Sarah beat me to it, so this post has ended up being an addendum to Sarah's post about our Halloween. Halloween started for us Thursday night at a local library for some Halloween themed songs and stories for young children ages 2 - 6. The girls, as usual, started the night in shock and sat staring at all the other kids for the first half of the "show". They did, however, eventually warm-up and had fun dancing, singing, and blowin' feathers around.

Friday and Saturday were build up days until Sunday when all their pent-up excitement came out. There was a Halloween parade during the day which we participated in - it was fun. Outside of having to listen to kids blow whistles at the conclusion of the parade (the town gave whistles as part of a goody bag to all the kids), Sarah & I survived the chaos.

The end of the our Halloween day was the best, though. The girls' excitement about trick or treating far exceeded my expectations. They had a blast going house to house and Emily literally tripped and fell because she was so anxious to get to the next house!. And then when we got home they LOVED going to the door to see the kids in costume. This was one day you gotta love if you have kids!

Here's a few clips from our day:

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