Sunday, July 26, 2009

A First.

I had a successful trip taking all three grils to the local Stop & Shop today by myself!

If you follow Sarah's blog (, you know the last couple of weeks have not been too good in terms of sleep for the girls. So, this morning, when Sarah went back to get some additional sleep, I told her I may take the girls grocery shopping. Her reply, after giving one of those "why" looks, was "how"? "How" and "why" are questions Sarah & I ask each other quite often when it comes to things related to our girls.

The answer for how to bring two year-old triplets grocery shopping by youself is to find one of those shopping carts with a two-driver car attached to the front. Two in the front and the third sits in the shopping cart seat. The answer to "why" is that I wanted to help everyone keep thier sanity this morning. It would give Sarah a chance to get some shut-eye, give me the chance to get out and it would also help the girls by getting them out as well, especially given the teething situation.

Things could not have worked out better. For those non-mutliple parents, the trick to doing grocery shopping with triplets is to locate the shopping cart with the car in the parking lot so you do not have to concern yourself with trecking three little ones across a busy parking lot. I eyed one as I pulled in - it was sitting nicely in one of those cart corrals. Bingo! Next step, after loading them in the cart, is to give them a donut - check! The bonus would have been if I could have carried my coffee with me, but that was just not logistically possible.

With the exception of some semi-rough play between the drivers (Allie & Em), the girls were well behaved. They were actually singing Barney's "I love you" song at one point.

All in all in was quite a successful first.

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