Friday, April 26, 2013

I'm So Sorry.

Eleven days have passed since the Boston Marathon bombings and today was the first day since the attackers were captured that I had the opportunity to walk back to Boylston Street.

Not interested in the media craze nor spectacle of people, the draw for me was from within.

Out the building I went.  Cold today.  A breeze too.  Glad I wore my vest.

I should have some lunch before I go any further.  Rebecca's Cafe.  Some soup.

Found a seat at a small table with a partial view of Boylston Street.  Outside, against a building, rested several pieces of crowd-control fencing/barricades left from the marathon.  Other than that, people bustled by, going about their daily business (just a block form the marathon finish line).  I became quite reflective and thought about how events like the marathon bombings and Sandy Hook shootings can be supplanted every so subtly.

I want to visit the memorial.  I should go to the finish line also.

Four or five large media trucks lined Boylston Street at Copley Plaza (the site of the memorial). As I drew closer to the memorial site, my attention turned to the large number of items left there - flowers, hats, sneakers, notes, flags, shirts...

For the most part, the people moved about the memorial in silence.  Many were taking pictures or videos.  Everyone seemed to be reflecting.

I didn't think I'd become this emotional. As my eyes scanned the uncounted messages that had been written, tears started to form.

A hand-written message written by a child caught my eye.  It read:

I'm so sorry.

So true, Emma.  So true.

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