Thursday, January 17, 2013

Art of Animation.

Having just taken (today) the Audit and Attestation (AUD) section of the CPA exam, I may have a few pockets of time to do a few posts.  I hope the results of the AUD section are better than the previous two sections I took!

So back to our Disney trip.

Both Sarah and I were stressed about flying to Disney this time, given this would be our first time flying with the girls.  And, since renting three car seats can be costly, and there would be no guarantee of getting three when we arrived at the airport in Orlando, we decided to take our (new and pricey) car seats with us. 

Sarah had heard horror stories of car seats getting beat-up bad when checked-in, so we planned to take them on the plane and have the girls sit on them.  We had no idea how that would work - how do you get three car seats from our van (which we needed to park at the airport) gate?  From the gate on to the plane?  Along with the two strollers and carry-on bags? How 'bout getting the car seats (and the six suitcases) from the baggage claim in Orlando to our rental car?  Remember, it was me (the one guy) and Sarah, three 5 year-olds, and Sarah's mom.

We arrived to the airport well in advance.  And our stresses over the car seats were pretty much wiped away by the super-courteous JetBlue agents at the check-in counter.  Thank you!  They convinced us (mostly Sarah, actually) to check-in the car seats - telling us it would be much less of a hassle.  And JetBlue offers a no-fee check-in of car seats.  Again, thank you!

Here's some clips from our first 24 hours of vacation:


Ashlee said...

I hope the auditing section goes well for you! Can't wait to read more about Disney!

I started reading Sarah's blog a few years because I noticed she was a CPA (and the girls were a very exciting bonus!) I am studying now and going to start taking the exams in April. I get so anxious just thinking about it.

Dad to Triplets said...

Thanks Ashlee and good luck to you as well. It is a fairly time-consuming undertaking!

Anonymous said...

I love Jet Blue. It is the little extra things they do that make flying less stressful (and they usually have better prices) I tried them for the first time in May, they will always be my first choice. I can't wait to see more of your trip.


Dad to Triplets said...

Mary - both Sarah & I have flown Jetblue but this was a first for us as a family and it was the right call!

Valentina said...

This girls are awesome! You're so blessed! I hope that your family and you had an amazing vacacions! The video was beautiful :)