Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Silliness and Middle "C"

With summer's door closed and winter's chill creeping in, time outside is dwindling.  FAST.

And, of course, having three five-year olds' bundled energy indoors can be trying at times.  They are kids and they are active kids.  I get that and Sarah and I are pleased that our girls are active.  Yes - Allie, Anna and Emily have their time in front of the television but they spnd much more time playing.  And they get goofy.  And silly.  And wild too.

This is a little clip of them being silly but cute (of course).  The first part is at the piano which we recently moved out of the girls' playroom into the kitchen area so it doesn't serve as a shelf anymore - it serves as a piano! 

Emily says she wants to take piano lessons....


Chantel said...

I have so much fun with my (almost) 5 year old, your house is...well, triple that :) They are so cute and make me smile.

Lily said...

They are SO cute! Must be nice being home with them, especially at this age! :)