Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Boston Driving, The Red Sox and A Swingset.

I've conceded to the Boston driving.  Having driven the streets and highways in and around Boston for almost 30 years now, I can say that traffic is extremely unpredictable, the roads seem to be forever under construction, and there are some people who drive like lunatics. 

New Englanders are very familiar with the Big Dig.  And f
or those of who are not familiar, it was (and still is I believe) the largest federally funded construction project in the United States.  Well... the Big Dig was completed a few years ago but every other roadway in a 20 mile radius of Boston seems to be under construction now.  I have dealt with the traffic and crazy drivers the past few years commuting home from campus after taking evening MBA classes.  Construction.  Traffic.  At 9:00 at night. 

I understand that roads need to be resurfaced.  Roads need to be updated.  But why does it take SO LONG!?

Case in point:  last night's drive home from the Red Sox game.  Sarah & I had a nice night - just the two of us.  I picked her up at work and then, thanks to a sibling, we got free parking within a short walk to Fenway.  We enjoyed a great game at Fenway.  Good seats (sat between home plate and 3rd base).  We stood with the Fenway faithful to give Kevin Youkilis a warm welcome upon his return to Fenway (after he had been traded to the White Sox). 

We decided to exit a bit early to beat the crowd (and we did). We got to within about 15 miles of home and TRAFFIC.  10:15 PM traffic.  On a major highway.

Can you tell I am a bit done with driving in Boston?

Onto something fun...I was taking some clips of the girls playing on the swing set (or whatever they call these playthings) when Allie decided she was going to describe to the camera the various items on the swing set.  Kind of cute.


Amanda said...

Aha - I love this post. A few nights ago I was driving home from the North Shore, and got stuck in that "oil tanker rolled over spilling 8,000 gallons of gasoline all over 128' fiasco - so I resolved to take 93 into the city to hop on the Pike - however, the city of Boston was painting all the crosswalks/streetlines and all the on ramps to the pike were closed. I just had to throw my hands up and laugh.

Dad to Triplets said...

Ya, gotta love the traffic Amanda. I lived on the north shore for awhile - it doesn't matter where you are coming from - you cannot escape it!

Kris said...

Oh the joy of driving to Boston!! I am working two nights a week and it KILLS me when I am just about home and boom ~ traffic. I don't get why it takes as long to pave either. That and why the freak to they have to start the "merge" 2 miles away? It causes more back up? Half the time I can't even avoid it (I look on the traffic site before leaving work) because they don't post it. Can you tell it is a sore spot? lol